Old School: Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat

Smoke01I remember when I was growing up going to what is now considered a dinosaur of a bygone era, a place called the Arcade. Man I met so many cool people at these places. Wasted a bunch of quarters of my alotted allowance from my parents, or later my earlier job as a busboy.

Alot of games I loved, but there were just a handful I adored. One of them was Street Fighter 2. With it’s interesting characters, fast, and aggressive fighting. Me and my friends would battle for hours, and we all had are specialty characters. Greg’s was Ken, My friend Gus’s was Guile, Steve’s was Dhalsim, and mine was Blanka. The battles were legendary as we would fight round robin, putting our quarters on the machine to reserve our spot for next. In hope of dominating the machine so we wouldn’t have to pay.

Then came Mortal Kombat onto the scene, with Scorpions cries of “Get over here!”, and Raidens scream as he flew towards his enemy, until when you did your Fatality for the final humilation of your enemy. My favorite character was Raiden with the hat, and his speed it was a fun fighter to play.  I remember some battles were so intense that I would be literally out of breath, and sweating.

Alot of fond memories of the bygone days of the Arcade, it’s a shame they went away.  But I’m glad they were around in my youth for with it fostered my love for the genre, and computers.


Now….”Get Over Here!”

2 Responses to “Old School: Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat”

  1. I think I’ll stay over here…

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