MMO’s NON RPG’s: Texas Hold’Em, and Facebook

I think the thing that started me off on playing games in general was Poker. I love poker.  I love the thrill of it. The sitting at the table. Playing against other people. I actually love the feel of the cards. Though Online is pale substitute to the real thing in my book. It’s good in a pinch.

Someone brought to my attention a website dedicated to Texas Hold’em. After checking them out I got to say I was impressed.  It’s like got everything on one website.  If you like Texas Hold’em check it out.

Another Website to check out if you like poker or just starting out, is the amateur poker league. It’s pretty cool, and they offer free tournaments that can get you a seat at the big dance too, The World Series of Poker.

Other MMO’s is Facebook, all those apps. Mafia Wars, yea I’m addicted. Though I dabble in Vampire Wars.  But you play with other people in you clan, or mafia. You do hits, and kill others. So yeah it’s a type of MMO.

Any other MMO’s you can think off, not really RPG’s?

5 Responses to “MMO’s NON RPG’s: Texas Hold’Em, and Facebook”

  1. I love poker and have won plenty of money off of it. Live poker > online poker for sure.

    Other MMOs?

    Lets see…yeah….really can’t think of any besides the ones you listed.

  2. So I’m just stalking through your old posts here… but I LOVE POKER. And you are so right about playing live. Online poker is indeed a pale substitute. Before I started playing WoW I was playing bar tournament poker 3-4 times a week. It would always just be for bragging rights and tournament points (which got your more starting chips for the BIG monthly tournament that had prizes), but man… I loved it.

    • theerivs Says:

      I was in amateur Poker Leagues before time constrants drew me away it was good times indeed…I have dreams of one day going to the big World Poker Tournament, but who knows.

      Rounders is on of my favorite movies btw. LOL!

      • My brother plays poker for a living. He went to the world series of poker last year by winning a satellite tournament – lasted through the 3rd round. My parents are not huge fans of his chosen career. I try to tell them how huge of a deal it was that he was able to go to the biggest tournament possible for his profession. Its not like I get a chance to go to Bank of America headquarters and vie for a chance at CEO and millions of dollars. lol

      • theerivs Says:

        That is definately cool, but gambling is still frowned on by many people. It is a rough life. Alot of ups and downs, and you end up wierd places if you aren’t careful, like card games with drug dealers, and thugs. Though I won’t tell you the story…My nickname River has to do with gambling. 😉

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