WoW: Is it time for Player Housing?

Gnomer had a lovely post about solo instances.

It got me thinking why no player housing? There is a lot of Fluff in WoW, I think that player housing would be a logical step to the progression of this MMO. I’m not big on player housing, unless the housing really reflected my toon.  A Mage tower for my mage, to decorate with trophies of glories past, specialized portals, banks, cool decor like gargoyles and such adorning the outside.

I would like an extension of this. Like your own class specific instance somewhere in your player housing, maybe a way into the sewers from your rogue house, or a mage portal to your own mage instance. 

My inspiration for this is from the Dragonlance series the War of the Twins, where Raistlynn had his own mage tower, and in his study was a portal to the abyss. Surrounding this tower was a haunted forest filled with undead. Now that would be cool player housing.

The only other MMO I played with player housing was DAOC, and it was kind of generic. Don’t get me wrong it was kind of cool on some levels, but for the generic-ness I didn’t see spending all that coin.

So we’ll see what the future brings, but it’s just curious as to the why there isn’t housing yet in WoW.

9 Responses to “WoW: Is it time for Player Housing?”

  1. Ha!

    Love it…

    I especially love the idea that to get your player housing, you have to earn it…

    Not fork out the gold….

    Rather your player housing is another instance that you must conquer solo… get past the undead surrounding the place, deal with the mobs inside… as you take over each room, then portals become available to different locations…

  2. mah…not sure about this player housing, but guildhousing would be fun.
    especially on an RP-server.

  3. I liked the way AoC dealt with player housing, you had to gather resources to build the walls and had to build it up bit by bit. In Conan however you had to defend it etc which Im not sure how this could or would translate over to WoW.

  4. While player housing sounds nice, I’m worried about the server for that. They finally got instance servers working, and the last thing I need is more head banging against the walls><

  5. I definitely hope you guys get it at some point. Player housing was one of the things I really loved about EQ2. I’ve always been tempted to go back to EQ2 just to check out the guild-hall stuff.

  6. I personally don’t see the need for it. Maybe because I feel like I have way too much to do anyways when I do have time to play that hanging out in some “house” doesn’t seem like a good way to spend my playing time. But I guess if people want it then whatever…I don’t think it’s adding any benefit to the game though.

  7. I see and hear about this suggestion a lot, mostly in the form of guild-housing. I would rather not have this implemented for very specific reasons.

    The space in WoW is basically public, there’s no private space. (Champions Hall and Hall of Legends were once gated space, but now they are public)
    The more private space, the less populated the public space will be, cause people will perhaps want to hang out at their own homes/guild house etc.
    If things get out of hand, WoW might easily end up feeling empty and abandonded.
    Right now, if you’re logged in, you’re also logged in to the world everyone else is logged into. – we’re all here, visibly inhabiting WoW.

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