The 99th Post: What a long strange trip it’s been

Well with WAR turning 1 year old, and this being my 99th post I think I’ll give myself a pat on the back. Why? CAUSE I CAN!  Most people celebrate their 100th post not me. I like to be different.

Let’s take a look back. I started blogging on my Personal blog,I mentioned a little here and there about my video gaming, but after reading other video game bloggers, I thought I would give it a try. So even though Tobold told me from the start don’t get to specific. I loved the Chosen class, and Warhammer lore so much ever since I was a kid. I decided to open Way of the Chosen. A little later Gregdid a wonderful banner for me.  I had some phenomenal support from the WAR community. 

WAR let me down a little, and I decided to head back to World of Warcraft, and open this blogsite, because I love MMO’s, and don’t want to stop sharing my love of them with the rest of the world.

Let’s look at where I’ve been…

My Personal Blog Chaotic Ramblings has had so far.

183 Posts.



Way of the Chosen has had.

202 Posts



The funny thing is there are some posts that still get views, and that’s kind of cool to me.

Now this blog HLL has.

99 Posts (after this one)




So that’s where I’ve been and where I am at.  The future who knows what it bring, but I hope I can entertain you, and make you think about not only the world we play in, but the world we live in. I hope together we can grow together, and have some fun along the way.

I also want to use this post to say thank you.

 I want to thank my fellow bloggers I can not thank you enough, no matter what game you play, I love reading of your exploits.  Who do I want to thank. ALL of you on my blogroll. Your there for a reason. I read you, and you touched my life in some way, and I keep reading you.  Keep up the good work, and know at least one person will visit your blog.

I want to thank the hateful trolls that post from time to time, you spur me on to greater things.

Last but never least I want to thank the readers of my blog. Thank you for coming, and commenting on the stuff I write. I hope I have touched your life, as much as you touched mine.

Ok I promise you won’t get another post like this until the 153rd post. Why? Cause I can!

5 Responses to “The 99th Post: What a long strange trip it’s been”

  1. Grats on all your success, with all three blogs. 🙂

    You can’t have a blog without readers, and you can’t have readers without interesting content, and you can’t have interesting content without the witty writer behind them.

    You’re awesome. 😛

  2. You get a pat on the back from me as well. Grats!

  3. Belated congrats! (And you are welcome) 😉

  4. WoW… a grats here too… screw 100… 99’s the place to be…

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