Project GenderBender: Levels 10-13

I know what cute is!

I know what cute is!

Some people are looking for an update, and being the attention whore that I am will give the public what they want.  I don’t know if it’s the hormones in the milk I’ve been drinking, I was in a good mood last night, or I’m being possessed. Last night I’m playing my little girlie toon, and I did some uncharacteristic things.  Like I was running around, and a fellow toon looked like he was going to die. I actually healed him. I didn’t sit there watch him die, I actually helped him. I didn’t laugh at him, or ridicule him.

Exodar is strangely empty, I ran around for an hour, and think I saw 3 people tops. Sad really. That’s another thing, I’m craving contact. I want to interact with people. When I play my mage I shun people, I can’t stand them.  Since I started this, I’m looking at cute things now, and actually realize their cute.

The scariest thing of all, that shocked me. I was running around mining copper like the ore whore that I am. I said to myself. Maybe I should go the barber shop to change my hairstyle, I don’t think I like it.  I just stopped right there, at level 13. Logged off, and Went to watch ESPN for the rest of the night, drank Budweiser with whiskey chasers, with a Hustler open on the coffee table just to get the taint off of me.

After this is done, do you know how long I’ll have to hang out at the nudie bar just to get to my old self again?

15 Responses to “Project GenderBender: Levels 10-13”

  1. Stellar stuff. Keep em coming… in between watching men be manly doing manly things, of course. 😀

  2. You’re posts on this are great. I’ve played female characters many times, but you’re perspective is pretty funny.

    The only time I even really experienced any differential treatment was when I played a Mithra in FFXI. I did get extra gil tossed at me and the Linkshell (guild) I joined was full of dudes that were more than willing to run me around… and flirt. It was a bit awkward.

    One guy even wanted our characters to get married…

  3. Now I’m not the type to say ‘I told you so’ but…

    Mikata totally called you out on it!

    Point proven, I’m out. 😛

  4. The picture really illustrates how deadly small children can be. Look at those eyes! He must have killed that carebear with his bear hands, skinned him, and wears it like a coat! Crazy stuff. I can only hope that my own offspring aspires to such savagery.

    Also, you’re losing your damn mind if you think girls in MMO’s are obsessed with cute and style. Too many have gotten away with too much. Lets see the conniving vindictive side of females in gaming. Trickery and lies, deceit and corruption. Offer your womanly wiles for a shot at some rares, promise to heal your buddy, then leave him to die. Come back explaining that your toenails were drying, or the phone was ringing, or your hair didn’t look right in the reflection on your monitor. Send nasty tells to other “female” toons about how them playing a woman degrades your own experience as a woman and demand restitution!

    Rivs… You could be going about this so right, but your mental image of the female gamer is like my mental image of lipstick lesbians. They not cute. Most of the time they actually just want to hurt you while making it look like that care.

    -Grimnir (has lady issues XD)

    • Such hate is delicious. Sure you don’t want to roll a Chosen?

      • I’ve actually gotten really good at killing those Ravage spamming Chosen… hehe. Ya’ll think yer big an bad with your two-handers and spirit damage. Well hows 1400 spirit resist taste!? Yeah baby! That’s like 45% mitigation at the expense of all my other abilities! I get to wear three pieces of Ruin for the +212 it gives! I have to grind spirit resist pots for three hours to get my +352’s! I have to wear one piece of three different set jewelry to stack that high!

        Hehe… You OP bastages. :p

  5. LOL awl you know you want to change your hairstyle deary:P

  6. Hmmm… well that explains the random healing thing…

  7. It’s ok, you’re becoming one of us now.

    I’m at the point where people don’t recognize my druid anymore at all since I change her color so often…

  8. Really, hair cuts?

    Man-card is dangerously close to being revoked.

    • Had it not been for:

      I just stopped right there, at level 13. Logged off, and Went to watch ESPN for the rest of the night, drank Budweiser with whiskey chasers, with a Hustler open on the coffee table just to get the taint off of me.

      I think Riv’s Man-card would have been permanently revoked!

  9. Hahaha, I loved this updated.

    And ya know… Grimnir does raise some interesting points.

    Not that I’m conniving or full of lies and deceit…ok, so I might be a *little* bit, but that’s due to being a warlock first and foremost, not being a woman.

  10. OK… there is such a thing as becoming too wrapped up in your RP characterization… you need to get outside more… away from the cloth vendor…

  11. Dude! I know exactly what you mean. A few of my IRL buddies wanted to play WoW together. One had never played before, so the rest of us were explaining the game and the roles we need to make a functional group. And he just went off on the idea that someone had to be a healer. I dunno’, maybe he was too fixated on the old-time D&D Cleric stereotype, but he started mocking healers in general using the most crass, mysogenistic language.

    So when we decided I’d be the healer, I made a total girly girl Night Elf Druid just so I could make him call me princess before he got any heals. And I mean, I went all out on the girly thing. From Herbalism so I could pick flowers to Enchanting for the pretty glows, buying nice dresses from the robe vendors to wear while hanging around town, talking about all the pretty handbags I was buying. First thing I did after arriving in Darnassus was hop a boat to Auberdine and catch a connecting trip to Exodar to buy a butterfly pet.

    And you know, it was really fun. It opened my eyes to aspects of the game that I never paid attention to before I tried to act like a girl. And they are really a lot of fun.

    I’ve ended up playing the character about as much as my main simply because it’s the one I play with my friends. I can honestly say that I don’t get treated any differently on her than I do on my (male) main. Other than one time. Hanging out in Sentinel Hill waiting for my friends to go run Deadmines (many levels ago). A level ?? blood elf dude runs into town and starts slaughtering everyone . . . except for me. Once everyone else was dead, he planted himself in front of me, stripped off his armor and started dancing.

    /lol, /slap. /die.

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