Weekly Lagout

Even though Stepfather had a stroke, and I have been practically living at the hospital, and been helping my Mom alot. I was still able to get in some gaming. He’s getting better, and want to thank everyone who gave me well wishes. It will be tougher for him, but he’s a champ. When he came to after he was in a coma like state, the nurse asked him what he wanted he replied, “Gin and Tonic”  That’s a man after my own heart for sure!


Day 34952 still no proto drake, well it seems that long. If I get another Tickling, I swear there will be alot of death spread around the mobs, and alliance of Garona.

I started a Project Genderbender, where I play a little girl in the big wide World of Warcraft. I speak of gender issues, but do I really understand them. They say you should walk in someones shoes to really understand, so I got my heels on and were gonna see how it goes. The questions is how far am I willing to go with this charade?  Do I go full tilt? Anyone have any suggestions.

I have an idea for a couple other projects I’m thinkin about.

Project Epeen – where I act like a total asshat, see how far I can take it.

Project Noob  – Just be a total noob about things see if people are helpful or jerks.


I’m actually itching on going back a little with all the nice changes, and I miss my Chosen a bit. I was looking at my old website, the awesome banner Greg Moran did.   I was thinking of using it for a Fan Fiction website to showcase my work, but I might go full tilt and bring the big armored badass back.  I do miss Greg, he was a good guy, and a good blogger.

Champions Online: Rot in hell you backpeddling mofoes

Aion: Are chicks actually going to play this game? I’m going to stick with WoW right now.

Fallen Earth:  Not for me, I don’t know I don’t get into post-apoc…apoc….after nuclear devasation stuff.  Unless I get to put on a Hockey Mask and ask where the gas is. I don’t think I’ll be playing this game.

Funny of the Week

Stepbrothers – I just love this movie. The funny thing is I got those hulk gloves, their a blast, and funny as hell.

Also this website caught my eye, I added it to the blogroll. WoW Pickup Lines.

“Nice Pant’s. What’s the drop rate?” – Instant Classic.

Some Love –

I’ve been adding alot of blogs to the blog roll, I urge you go show them some love. I can’t name them all, stoopid whiskey. I know I get made fun of from my peers at the size of the blog roll, but I really do read them all. I may not comment all the time, but I got my eye on youz.

Well that’s it for me.

My Ping Sucks….I am Outta Here!

10 Responses to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. My advise, if you keep up with the ‘femme’ act, avoid vent at ALL costs… or yeah… lawlz will ensue.

    But for Project Epeen- Asshat… go for it. With how mean you are on my blog, you should be a pro for this one. 😉

    And as for posting fanfiction, poetry, or other miscellaneous writings on your other blog, I’m actually kinda working on the same project. I started a second blog strictly for a fanfiction of my RP character on Wyrmrest Accord. I love reading the works of other writers, so go post… now….


    • Hey at least I didn’t call you a treetard. 😛

      As for Vent, I think there’s a way to modify my voice, but that’s going way beyond the scope of my project. It’s just an experiment, not a full tilt out and out lifestyle choice. LOL!

  2. Sorry to hear about your stepfather – I hope he is doing well and recovers quickly!!

    I vote for Project Epeen, that sounds like the absolute most fun, and uhhhh. . .just don’t tell us if you enjoy being a girl okay? That could lead to disturbing thoughts.

  3. Sorry to hear about your stepfather (just got back from Edinburgh, so I’m kind of out of the blogging loop).

    I feel guilty about wanting to make cheap innuendo about the, err, size of your blogroll now…

  4. For what it’s worth I say go with all three projects, e-peen, asshat, & noob. It’d be interesting just to see what comes of it.

    As long as you steer clear of vent and flirt a little you should have fun with the femme project. It’ll be interesting to see where that goes. hehe

    It’s good your stepfather is on the mend, still not a fun place to be.

  5. I’m sure out of all this projects, it’s the femme one that comes most naturally.


  6. c’est interessant , merci pour l’info !!

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