Project GenderBender: Levels 7-9

Not a dude!

Not a dude!

Someone actually asked me if I was really a girl. I didn’t answer. I really didn’t know what to say. Part of this project is to see if there is prejudice, and if girls are really treated different. So if I blow my cover, there goes the experiment, right? Then again I loathe deception, and don’t want to lie. I must think of something clever to say, something that doesn’t outright say what gender I am.

I took up blacksmithing, and mining. I want to be self sufficient, and I think if I could make my own weapons and armor that would help, plus mining means money.

So I’m grinding near Azure Watch, and I see a gnome run by…then a few minutes later another one.  WTF, GNOMES!!!! they make my skin crawl. Get back to Ironforge yous… 

Also I wanted to post my weekly tribute to Felcia Day. I love her, I really do…not in a lotion in the basket kind of way. More like if I ever talked to her, I think I would pass out kind of way.

20 Responses to “Project GenderBender: Levels 7-9”

  1. Hmmm this is relevant to my interests. Nice project.

    • Hah, Creep, that is *such* a creepy comment if taken out of context!


      • The fact your cackling creeps me out a little. So Ysharros, being a girl, and someone asks you if you are a girl in game, how do you respond to that. . Do you tell them the truth, or don’t? Tell them to mind there own business? This is all curious to me. No one ever..ever..asked me if I was really a guy. LOL!

        Ok there was this one halloween…ahhh nevemind.

      • @Rivs Depends on who’s asking and how and why (if I can figure that out). If they sound creepy I ignore em. If it’s as a result of normal conv… depends. But really, it’s none of anyone’s business, so I only answer if I feel like it.

        BUt yeah — having someone invade your personal avatar space and stare at your e-tits for 10 minutes before whispering “r u a girl irl” is REALLY creepy. And very common. And no, chicks don’t dig it (can you believe that? why wouldn’t we? :D)

      • Here I though he was looking at my awesome chestpiece I blacksmithed. Son of a…

      • Heh, I do what I can?

  2. I’m not going to lie…

    I have… taken advantage of the fact that I’m a girl.

    I have… accepted free money and items…

    I had someone give me 5000g for my epic flying… then turn around and give me another 1000 for my alt’s flying regular flying.


    Does that make me a bad person?

    • First your honesty is appreciated.

      No it doesn’t make you a bad person. Then again being the whore that I am, I would suspect my moral authority.

      Was he a friend, or a stranger? I’m very generous with my stuff. If I have the gold male or female i’ll give it. If this person at 100k gold laying around doing nothing. I’m not that rich, but I’ve been known to hand out gold to everyone like a drunken sailor.

      If it was a stranger, still doesn’t make you a bad person, just an opportunistic one. I fully support that.

  3. Well… depending on how you define a ‘stranger’, he was someone I pugged with occationally. We only spoke with one another during a heroic or a Naxx run, really nothing outside of that. So… I guess a stranger? Lol.

    • You go girlfriend!

      • Haha… I’m just THAT charming…


      • Mmm… I think this might be an insoluble problem. Ultimately, if you refuse to answer a question, people always take it as confirmation of their preconceptions. So if someone asks if you’re really a girl and you say “I don’t think that’s relevant” (or whatever) they’re just going to think “Ah, he’s a dude then.” Thus blowing the experiment anyway.

      • By the way, I didn’t ask for this comment to show up randomly here. It just did. Dammit.

        Also I want to know whey the situation described above never happens the other way round, huh? Why hasn’t some rich, older orcish lady come up to me and offered to buy me a sweet ride for my pretty elven arse, eh?

  4. You inspired me! Great project, and I want to hear all of the situations you run into! =)

  5. Bah, your site remembered the wrong website, and I was silly enough to click submit without checking. Corrected now.

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  7. Update already! Slacker!

  8. harpysnest Says:

    Back in vanilla someone wanted to buy my priest an epic mount, unfortunately it came with a price… he wanted to meet in rl first. Guessing he was thinking something like a ride for a ride. Unfortunately for him, I’m a lot more expensive than 800g virtual gold :p

    Personally, these days when people ask what gender I am I lie. My guildmates know I’m female obviously since I’ve been playing with them for years and my picture is on the forums, but I never correct anyone who assumes I’m male. I just don’t see the point.

    My boyfriend on the other hand, once pretended to be female out of amusement and was offered all sorts of things with no stings attached which I have to admit I found a little annoying.

  9. Pugnacious Priest Says:

    your non response probably answered them, and they assumed that you were. When I used to get asked ( no one asks level 80’s.. ) my responses were Why? or no answer. I have lied when someone was getting too inquistive about my name, and thinking he had found someone from his own country started ranting about world politics and then asked. Are you a Girl?
    I didn’t like where he was heading so said Nope. He said Oh…

    Unless you go into a strange vent and say ” Hi boys in a sultry voice ( kiddding!) level 80 raiders don’t care 🙂

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