WoW: So you want to be a Raider?

I’ve been thinking about Raiding seriously again. Why? Well not for the loot, for the camaraderie that comes from fighting a foe and overcoming him. I miss the teamwork, a well oiled machine of a guild hitting on pistons. I was thinking to I still have what it takes to be a Hardcore Raider still, and where in the future of WoW is the Hardcore Raider.  Mind you, it has been awhile since I raided hardcore, I mean I lived in Blackwing Lair, and Molten Core before Burning Crusade came out.  Do I still have what it takes? I know some of you look at another persons gear in a raiding guild and go, holy poop wish I had that stuff.  Well you want the pretty Professor Plums, you need to work, and dedicate yourself. Here’s a list of things I feel I need to be a successful Raider, and in my opinion these are things every Raider needs. 

1. Time – Back in the day I spent 5 out of the 7 days raiding, now it seems like most guilds do it 3 or 4 days. Still a lofty commitment. Lets say you Raid 3 days, from 7pm to 11pm, that’s 12 hours of raiding a week, heck that’s almost a part time job.  You also need Time to grind out gold, for supplies (pots, food, repairs, etc). Lot easier these days with Dailies, Heck I remember farming Tyr’s hand for hours cause it dropped good coin.

2. Patience – When your dealing with 24 other people, your going to have issues arise, things happen, and sometimes crap just hits the proverbial fan. Your going to need alot of patience sometimes. I remember when we were first attempting Razorgore in BWL, to get everyone on the same page at the start of the run, took time. I remember just sitting there reading a magazine waiting for the raid leader giving the ready command.

3. Gold – Your going to need it, as I said earlier your going to need the time to farm it. Also work those trades, whether it be mining, or making cloth. Gold is the lifeblood of the Raider. You need it not only for supplies such as Flasks, and Buff Food. You need it for Gems, and Enchants.

4. Be prepared – MAKE SURE YOU GET REAGENTS BEFORE THE RAID!  If you don’t I will scream at you myself. Raids are scheduled things, so you KNOW when their going to happen. Hell do it the night before if you have to. Also have your equipment gemmed right, and enchanted right.  We all understand if you don’t have enough gold to buy the best, but try to buy the best you can afford.  Have your pots, have your food ready as well.

5. Teamwork – In a Raid we all have our part to play. The best Raiders, take direction well, and can follow commands.  If your supposed to be at spot A, and then at Phase 2 your supposed to be at Spot B.  Well for crying out loud you better be there, because if you screw up your letting 24 other people down.

6. Know your role – You don’t have to be the biggest theorycrafter in the world, but if you know For example, Frost Mage Spec isn’t good for raids, then don’t do it. You might say, well I like raiding as Frost, hey I’m sure pitchers would like to pitch in a lazyboy recliner. For the Team sacrifices must be made.  The great thing now is there is dual spec, so stay frost for your putzing about, but damn it when were facing Hodir I better see flame shooting out your arse.

7. Last but never least, Have some fun. Joke around. Never take yourself or others too seriously. Some Raiders do, It’s just a game. Your going to die, and fail alot. Some days you bite the bear, and others the bear bites you. So have a good attitude, and enjoy the company of your teammates.

If you can think of anything else that makes a good Raider feel free to add to my little list.

4 Responses to “WoW: So you want to be a Raider?”

  1. One of the most critical things I’ve learned as a hardcore (well ex-hardcore raider): Don’t focus on loot. I know its counter-intuitive and all that but if you loose a DKP roll or a /random let it go. You will see same or better gear again. I’ve seen quite few good players either alienate themselves or just go balmy over gear. True HCs know gear could be motivation but if you set it as your goal you are just setting yourself up to fail.

  2. @ Mr. T – Good point, also remember as a HC Raider, your going to see the same dungeon for awhile, and your probably going to see that loot again.

  3. Know when to stop chatting around.
    Don’t bitch at people (even if you don’t like them) during raids.
    Listen to what your raidleader tells you (they are people, too. getting on their nerves is just a apin in the ass for everybody).

    LAST BUT NOT LEAST: don’t overnuke….

  4. 1. Time – oh yes, most definitely. I raid(lead) 10s and 25s. The 10s take about 8 hours from my weekend (we raid twice for 4 hours), and the 25s about another 7 hours. And this is only time spent inside the instance not counting preparation, and as a raid lead time spent organizing and listening to your raiders.

    2. Patience – hmm…depends on your raidlead a bit. But yes, there will be times that you’re waiting for things to go while some stuff is being detailed out. Best thing to do in that time is watch the video of the fight again.

    3. Gold – once you’re getting less deaths gold will be provided through raiding. In fact, most of the raids I come out of nowadays I come out with more gold then I went in with. Still need to take the time to get flasks though.

    And some to add:
    – Don’t think you can step into the hardest raids the moment you turn 80 and are epiced out. You may have all shiny purples on you, but if you’re rusty on the raiding best go do Naxx 10 once, just to get the hang of it again. The feeling for teamwork, the where to stand where to go thing. Even if you have been an old time raider this is good advice (though you’ll need less time to remember and go ‘oh yah this is how it worked’).

    – Don’t think you can step into a raid twice a week and expect to be first on all the meters. Raiding also requires experience, not only in your class, but in teamwork, the weekend only players are generally not your best raiders.

    – Depending on the level of raiding you spend time on theory crafting. A lot of time. You have to read up on the fights, specific mechanics, patch notes, class changes, etc.

    All in all, number 1 is bigger than most people realize. It’s an enormous time commitment.

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