MMO: I Have Achieved Nothing

Well it seems the topic of the day is Achievements on the Blogosphere. Spinks had a really well written and lovely article, I couldn’t top it if I tried, neither will I rehash it. Like Syp, and Tobold I will toss in my two cents though.  

Honestly I hate the Achievement system of any game. I wish I could turn such systems off to be honest. In WAR we had the Tome of Knowledge, with brags…Oh I killed 100 Archmages. In WoW the Achievement System.  To me is a modern day version of Top Score, remember the 3 initials you got to put in on Asteroids back in the Arcade days….well your probably too young, maybe you don’t even know what an Arcade is.

Well when you got top score you got to put in 3 initials. Mine was RIV. Yeah I had this nickname for longer then I can remember. Anywho….Did people come into the Arcade and go, “Geez who is this RIV guy (because back then girls didn’t play games 😛 ), because I need to get his autograph he is so awesome!”  No they didn’t.  What would happen is I would walk into the Arcade, and either go, “My name is still up there, I AM THE GREATEST!.”, or I would go, “Crap, someone beat me, I gotta waste 5 dollars to get back my throne.”

Back then it was self serving, and pointless to anyone really but yourself.  It’s just another way to make your E-Peen grow. Hey we can measure by length (gear), and now acheievements(girth)

Well it’s Achievements like them or hate  them, I don’t think there going away. Actually I did cave a little last night. I was in an awesome heroic group, and we were in Nexus. The leader said, “Lets go for the achievement!”  I was like, “Really, Seriously?” Since I’m just a mage I don’t speak up to often, but as we started unloading everything we got, and that little Achievement popped up. At first I was like, “Well that’s cool” 

Then I thought about it. It’s a hollow sort of victory because, well once I have the Achievement, Why try for it next time?  No the Achievement system almost swayed, and lured into the Achievement mindset. I almost fell down the slippery slope of looking at them and going. “Geez everyone will look at this and think I AM THE GREATEST!” 

Then I realize I am quick becoming a cantankerous old man, and that the achievement systems they have isn’t for me.

7 Responses to “MMO: I Have Achieved Nothing”

  1. Ah, but maybe you’re one for the achievements of Brewfest? Comes with a nifty title as well, and not to grow your E-peen, but more to show your true nature? (the title is Brewmaster btw)

    Advising girls who are running a fever to drink whiskey, geez!

    More seriously though, I actually like the challenges that come with some achievements. Lets do this a different way than the best possible. Lets make it more difficult to ourselves. (masochistic anybody?)

    All in all I find myself staring at the statistics screen more often then I find myself in the achievements part btw. Those numbers are funky!

  2. I used to put in GOD in the arcade.

  3. If you’re not an achievement hunter (Glory of the raider etc.)…at least get the odd ones:D
    Sorry, I don’t know the english title but
    the happy-hour-thing
    kill turkeys
    hug sqirrels all over the world


  4. Excellent site, keep up the good work

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