WoW: Worgen and Goblins…it can’t be true.

I’m just stunned really if the new races are Goblins, who are supposed to be neutral…and Worgen. I was just getting over forgiving Blizz over the Spacegoats.

Goblins I can see a little, but Worgens???  I don’t get it.

What are Worgen mounts going to be? What frickin classes can they be? What level they going to start out as? Didn’t we have to KILL a bunch of these dudes? 

Playable Races I would rather see then Worgen, or Goblins.

1. Ogres – They have Ogre Mages, Shaman, and Warriors.  Ogres joining the Horde makes sense damn it. 

2. Naga – I think it would be cool to play a Naga, and it seems they have classes as well.

3. Burning Legion – To play a Dreadlord, how cool is that.

4. Murlocs – Now we can all go..”Grrrllgggg”

5. Dragons – Instead of a mount you transform into a Dragon.

Off the wall some of these I know, I would really like maybe a third faction to really blow things up. Maybe that’s what Cataclysm will be all about. Who knows? Well Blizz knows, and I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.

7 Responses to “WoW: Worgen and Goblins…it can’t be true.”

  1. smakendahed Says:

    I’d sign a petition for Ogres. We need more Ogres.

  2. Get off your high horse or whatever mount you are riding. Yes, you have killed Worgen, but you have also killed every race you would rather see along with every race in the damn game. The Goblin is the strange choice. They are the Ferengi of WoW and are supposed to only care about their coins. Naga would have been a much better choice.

  3. I’m still praying it isn’t so. But as more and more speculate it only seems more and more convincing, I’m hoping for Blizz to bust out something totally unexpected at Blizzcon.

  4. Nagas! hahaha

    You are forgetting about the Panda people, the Panderan. You know you would love to be a big fat Panda pwning everything in your path.

    Plus you can do the emote /sad and BAM, sadpanda lol

  5. I would lika playing a Naga…they were Nightelves onces. Goblin….i can’t get really used to it.

    But a naga-something would be nice (pls no rogue)

  6. I’m terrified by the very thought of playing in the same faction as goblins. I can’t stand those green men. Really, I loathe them like old people loathe “all those crazy things kids to today”. It’s that bad.

    I mean. They’re little green men.
    Visiting the AH in Booty Bay gives me the creeps every single time.

  7. Furbolg would’ve been fun for Alliance. But I guess if this is what we’re getting this is what we’re getting.

    And oh…why do you think worgen would need mounts? They might need flappers, but I think it could well be possible that their worgen form is already epic mount speed.

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