Weekly Lag Out

Well alot of stuff this week.


Some patch notes were leaked. Over at the Shadow War had them posted. Check em out. Their probably posted on Mythics site by now.


Patch 3.2 hit. I think I and everyone else in the blogosphere is covering it quite well, so I am not going to beat my undead horse.  I got my Curious Oracle Hatchling today. I love the little bugger.

Still no dragon. …HEINOUS INDEED!

Aion, LOTRO, and EVE:

Still not going to play for various reasons.

DDO: I might check out when it hits.

Champions Online: Interesting here. I mean I love Comic Books. But for some reason I don’t get into Comic book MMO’s I just don’t know why. Maybe I’ll play a villian. The thing is. Lifetime Subscription is a dice roll. If it’s awesome, I will be kicking myself. If it sucks, I’ll be kicking myself if I do get it. I wasted more money before on sillier things, so I don’t know. Probably be best to just get the 60 buck/6 month sub. Here’s what the selling point is for me. You get into the Star Trek Online Beta. Well worth the 60 bones if you ask me.

Some Love:

I’m gonna give some love to the WAR bloggers who still hold a special place in my heart. Cause man their sticking in there, and grinding the dirt when so many of us, and including myself threw in the towel.

Shadow War (Congo Rats on the baby girl…River can make a nice girl name too ya know)

Grimnir Grudge


Gaarawar Gabs ( Who interestingly enough has some awesome interviews with Mythic Devs.)

There’s alot more WAR sites sticking to their guns, but these guy showed me much love back in the day for Way of the Chosen, I would be remiss not to show them some love every now and again…but you know what we still have in common…Our Hatred for Druids.

Funny of the Week.

Ok I don’t play my mage this way out loud, but in my head. I sure do. 

Like you all don’t scream outloud to yourselves, “I’m conjuring biscuits!”  or remember Jimmy story, “I’m charging my FIREBALL!”

I love mages LOL!



4 Responses to “Weekly Lag Out”

  1. shadowwar Says:

    WTF! That video was insane. Thankfully, my office has a crazy anti-noise zone and noone can hear me further down the hall laughing my ass off!

    And thanks for the congrats!

  2. I feel… like the world’s most silent mage now. Am I nawt doing it rite? 😦

  3. “I’m going to wand you to death!”

    Can’t… breathe!

  4. That brings back so many awesome memories. Thanks for posting.

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