SW:TOR: Am I Evil?

darth-maulAs Metallica would say, “Yes I am”

Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden because they ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Which means they did not know what good or evil was before then.

In Star Wars: The Old Republic I will be going with the Sith Empire. The Evil Side most would obviously agree, but I wouldn’t let me explain.

In alot of Modern MMO’s, WoW, Aion, SW:TOR, etc…there are usually two factions. One faction is seemingly good, or pretty. One faction is ugly or bad. If the MMO has multiple factions there is usually one side deemed more evil then the rest, like Pirates in Pirates of the Burning Sea.  Some MMO’s cop out saying oh this side isn’t really evil, but they are thrown into the evil lot just by their looks. 

Things that are beautiful are associated with good. That which is evil is always ugly. Notice that in movies?  In my experience, Some of the nicest people I known in real life aren’t that good looking, and some of the meanest were prettiest.  I think the question begs to be asked, “What is evil, and good?” 

I think those terms are subjective. What is good for me, may be evil to you, and vice versa. I think the most profound effect on my is Raistlin in the Dragonlance Chronicles. He turned to the “evil” side because it allowed him to use knowledge that was forbidden to the “good” side.  So to Raist, evil was good.

Lets take it back to the MMO world and it’s lore. In WoW, you have the Alliance, and the Horde. The Alliance is good? Right? Well they beat up and imprisoned the orcs in concentration like camps, is that actions of a good race? Horde are evil? They believe in honor, and commune with nature. (well before they drank the demons blood, and after they were cured)

In WAR,  Order has Witch Hunters which torture, and harm there victims is that good?  All that Chaos wants is Change, their methods might be dubious, but I don’t think that makes them evil.  I just think they suffer from poor leadership.

Finally lets look at the Sith Empire. They want to put the universe in order, they want power, they want strength. They are ruled by their passions. Is this so bad?  Does this make them evil? I think not.

6 Responses to “SW:TOR: Am I Evil?”

  1. shadowwar Says:

    I disagree. I belive there are absolutes of evil and good. There may be some grey areas of morale ambiguity, but my belief is that there are definite lines that should never be crossed. Raistlin crossed that line, he tried to entice his nephew to do the same, and his nephew rejected him. WoW and WAR kind of have the same thign going on, only in opposites. In WoW, they made both sides mostly good, one is just “misunderstood”. In WAR, everyones an evil jackass. The Empire tortures and maims dissidents, the Dwarfs are on a genicidal spree against the greenskins, and the High Elves took what wasn’t rightfully theres and want to kill the people coming to get it back.

  2. Rivs, I’ll be fighting there right next to you.

    Sith is the only way.

  3. The sith want the galaxy through hate and anger, not for world peace. You see what Palpatine does afterwards, lets Moff destroy a planet, that’s wrong. My side is with the Jedi, with the rebellion thats where I belong.

    • If those people weren’t rebellious they would still be alive. We all have choices, all must live by them. They want peace through fear, and control.

  4. i agree with you in theory. the problem lies in motive mostly. but the thing most people forget is that there will always be conflict even the emporor didnt acheive peace tho that wasnt his goal. i think in some cases something that is normally evil is acceptable due to the “lesser of two evils” theory. seeing all this i would side with neither parties. the empire is tyrannical but the jedi are too beurocratic. all people should seek individual power but not at the physical sacrifice of everyone else.

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