General MMO: I’m a Blood Elf Stripper…

miriam-wowOk I really want to talk about Gender in MMO’s but thought that title would catch your eye. I have a question for you gentlemen out there, would you give this girl 10 gold?

When I’m gaming in a virtual world, I think most of us guys, or at least more mature guys (read as old) I believe just assume a female toon is another guy. So if you have a female toon, or a blog I just assume he. I was corrected by Shy tell me that he is indeed a she, and her comment from my previous post got me thinking about gender in MMO’s.

Gaming is male dominated, we make, and play most of the games, but as Dylan said “The times they are changing”. Some guys say, “Girls aren’t as good as men when it comes to gaming”, I say, “Nay Nay good sir.” Every day more and more females are making in roads into gaming. Heck the best raiding mages I have seen are females, and not G.I.R.L.’s or Guys In Real Life. Their not healers, they aren’t female cow druids. These are pew, pew, blow stuff up mages.  In terms of FPS’s Hawty Mcblotty could blow me away anyday….excuse me while I grin at that last statement for a sec.

Being a female gamer, I am always curious if they get picked on more, or if they are left out by it. Do they have a tougher time the males gaming. I’m sure they get gold, and gifts showered upon them by the immature guys who love to degrade, and curious about a real life girl. If your female gamer I would love to hear the stories, bad and good of what’s it like to be a female in a male dominated virtual world. I would imagine like it would be in Australia. I heard there’s more guys there then women.

Sure most of the females I know rolled a healer to help their boyfriend, or hubby play the toon they wanted to play, but like the crack addict who took a hit because their significant other was doing it and got hooked, I think this is how many girls got hooked on MMO’s at least it has been from my observation. I wonder if there are any guys out there who never played an MMO, but because their wife or girlfriend played they started playing. I would find that interesting role reversal for sure.

 I guess the point I’m trying to make is the older I get, the more I see girls taking a more active role in gaming, and wouldn’t be surprised if they won’t be in the command chair at some gaming companies.

I for one welcome our new Overlords. 

Oh and for you guys, what did you answer. If you answered “Yes” to giving that girl 10 gold, you been had. She’s actually a He.  Welcome to MMO world.

11 Responses to “General MMO: I’m a Blood Elf Stripper…”

  1. I wouldn’t give 10 gold to anyone I didn’t know, I’m far too stingy with my hard earned WoW fortune 😉

    Also why is s/he all dressed up for that sink? Is this some sort of lesser known fetish?

    Or are the rest of you sitting there thinking “s/he could polish my taps?”

  2. I typically don’t make my gender explicit in game. I play with my boyfriend, so people might extrapolate based on the fact that we typically log on and off at the same time, or that I can tell people when he’s afk, or that I say “XXXX and I are out now” when we need to leave. Otherwise, the only obvious way people might know is if I’m on voice chat.

    I assume no one in WoW knew my actual gender until I started raiding and voice chat became compulsory. Once it was known, I didn’t notice any difference in the way people treated me. I had one guild master who tried to flirt, but that was an isolated incident that he initiated. Other than that, no one ever gave me presents, sexist comments went on as usual (e.g. he’s a pussy, we got raped, etc.), and no one equated my skill or my raid attendance to my gender.

    The only thing female specific that happened was a few lady gamers in my first raiding guild and I started our own chat channel. Often we used it as a place to talk about our personal lives, our frustrations with the guild, or our accomplishments in the game outside of raiding. It felt like a safe place where we could discuss whatever we wanted without fear of what the reaction from other guild members might be: would we be seen as bitchy if we complained about something, overly emotional if we discussed a disappointment or frustration, or as bimbos if we discussed our spouses/pets/family/other hobbies/etc.? The chat channel was a good way to avoid that.

    I think the only female gamers who experience unique treatment once their genders are known are those who act distinctly “girly.” Those who flirt excessively or use being female as an excuse for acting silly or helpless or immature are the females who tend to get treated differently. In some cases they are rewarded for flirtation with gifts and gold, in others they are shunned and ridiculed for being attention whores. Female gamers who are mature, skilled, and focused seem to be treated the same as everyone else. At least that’s what I saw personally.

    Occasionally there is the odd male player who treats every female player like crap, but that’s usually a statement about that guy’s misogyny and not the woman’s behavior.

  3. Even though I left the MMO stuff behind long ago, I seriously doubt that you ever see women as a predominant presence in those games. In all my years of playing and in every guild I was in, every woman who played was the girlfriend or wife of some guy also playing.

    Party games on the Wii and exercising with the Wii Fit certainly don’t count.

  4. shadowwar Says:

    That’s one hot dude!

    Seriously though, no. I am no more likely to give a female character (or even a female PLAYER) 10 gold than I am a male. I think most of your generalizations are right, in-so-far as we recognize them as that. General rules of thumb, but in all things there are exceptions. If I roll an Archer class, it’s always a female. Don’t know why, it’s just the way it is.

  5. “Also why is s/he all dressed up for that sink? Is this some sort of lesser known fetish?”

    The options are dependent on your gender and sexual preference:
    – Buy this sink and you will look like me (women mostly, but some transsexuals may go into this category)
    – Buy this sink and your girlfriend/wife will look like me (men and lesbians with a relationship)
    – Buy this sink and I will come along as a surprise (single men and single lesbians)
    – Buy this sink and I will come clean your house with the water that comes from this sink (I dunno, odd people? Mr Monk?)

    And oh, gold is earned in my game, not given. (ack! I almost sound like a goblin)

  6. theerivs Says:

    Goblin the third gender. LOL!

  7. @Shyraia – thank you for illuminating me about the sink. That’s one heck of a bathroom appliance 🙂

  8. I’ve personally not had any problems in game if you don’t count the Eury-doll incident. Apparently a much younger member of our guild (I think he’s like 12-ish?) has a Eury doll. He’s too young for me to consider that stalkerish (right??). Anyways, me being a girl has never garnered me special treatment and on the flipside I’ve never been singled out in a negative way either. I’ve been pretty fortunate in that sense. It never been as issue at all, even as Co-GM of my guild.
    *knock on wood* Hopefully it stays that way!

  9. 10 gold…. I gave er/him 10,000 gold…


    To be honest, I just don’t think about gender at all.. in the game at least… male or female avatar, male or female player… if the job gets done, they can have my 10g

  10. […] Nothing gets your attention like a picture of a hot, half-naked chick. Or is it a dude? […]

  11. I have been a member of The Older Gamers (TOG)for a while and our WoW guild is an offshoot of a TOG guild (Neither guild are “official”)
    We have roughly 10-30% female in our guild (activity varies) and I have not experience them behaving immature, flirty, silly or anything else. One if them was a guild leader for a time.
    True, most of them started playing with their spouses, but in most of the cases they have passed them in number of lvl 80s, skill and dedication.
    The gender plays little role in our guild, but then again most the average age is about 30ish so I guess the more juvenile tendencies have faded from the guys.
    my GF just picked up the game (she knows a lot of the guildies from RL social gatherings) and she has watched me play for years.
    She chose Blood Elf because they look human, and paladin because she hates the strider and wanted a real mount. I am not allowed to play with her since I tend to rush trough the quest (done them a few times) but she appreciates my main coming to the rescue on hard quests. I like playing with her since everything is new and novel, and she is amazed by stuff I have long since dismissed as mundane. oh yeah, she calls all my Blood Elf characters “gay” and my two taurens for cart pullers.

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