General Gaming:Mechwarrior is BACK!

One game I loved was the Mechwarrior games, so much so I was in a clan for Mechwarrior 3.  I visited the Mechwarrior Pods in downtown Chicago quite often. I LOVE big robot battles, and I really like the lore of the Battletech Universe.

So imagine my excitment when I read on Multiplaying that Mechwarrior is coming back.

Lets just say it’s like a stiff breeze just blew across my crotch!

3 Responses to “General Gaming:Mechwarrior is BACK!”

  1. Wooohoo.. actually..this really gets me excited.

    I’ve played Battletech Tabletop and really enjoyed the Mechwarrior games. The vids for this new Mechwarrior game look really nice.

  2. Hmm. Hex maps, hours crunching numbers to get the best hardware for the weight class, handpainting pewter/lead fig’s, cold pizza, flat dew.. brings back some memories.

  3. […] notice I’m not the only blogger interested in this, seem Rivs spotted it before me. And judging by the effect on his crotch he’s as excited as […]

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