WAR: Do I Get A Bug Mount?

In WoW,  they had new content where you had to add resources to open up the gates of AQ. It was kinda stupid, well probably not for the one person who got the Bug Mount. That person probably LOVED AQ, alas no one is getting a bug mount in WAR.

Here we are different game, but I feel like I’m have Deja Vu, seriously we got to fight, and open the Land of the Dead. I think I almost had siezures.

Alot of murmurings, and grumblings in the land of WAR.  Alot of people not impressed, or just downright pissed.

Some issues.

– Downloader, and prepatch problems. Yea I had to download the whole thing again.

– More Bad Lag – Horrible at times.

– No real class changes – so it’s still an AOE fest.

I am trying to look for some positives, sad I didn’t find much except some much needed talisman love.

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