WAR: The Raven God Blesses Us!

*”Master I found something in the woods” the lowly slave mentioned to me, as he hands me a box. I embed my axe into his heart, and as the blood and gore splatter my armor. I watch his soul depart his body. “You kneel when you are in my presence dog, you don’t even make a worthy sacrifice to The Changer of Ways.” I turn to the other slaves, “Clean this mess up, and leave me.” I turn to the box, it was gold, and intricite designs, jackals, and ravens adorn the box. I open it, and inside was a bone with strange symbols, a page from a ruined diary, and a map. Most curious, The Master must have a fate instore for me to bring to me these curious things. After examining the artifacts, I commune with my god, and he blesses me with a vision. I leave my tent, and start bellowing orders. The Raven God calls us to war once more, and I will earn his favor.” *

So I got a box in the mail yesterday, it seems Mythic does like Chosen.  I recieved a bone, a map, and a page from the diary. Here they are.












































*** As a side note, I will not be participating in trying to solve the puzzle, I feel that it would be unfair in participating in the solving, if I am participating in the giving of the clues. It’s like an employee trying to enter their own company’s contest, it’s a little unfair.  So good luck all to you, and Thanks Mythic.

15 Responses to “WAR: The Raven God Blesses Us!”

  1. Nice! The 3rd image looks like it may need rotating.

  2. GORETHUMB Says:

    one of those m’s is upside down

  3. shadowwar Says:

    As Werit said, think the third one is upside down. Congrats man, see Mythic does love Chosen!

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  5. theerivs Says:

    Fixed thanks guys!

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  10. Did you happen to scan in the diary page?

    I’m missing Day 3 of the story and I’m gathering that you’re the one with that page.

    Here’s the compiled story on my blog:


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