Guild Loyalty

A guy recently popped into guild chat lets call him Joe, and a fellow raider let’s call him Bob. I consider Bob a friend, because we help each other out, chew some of the same dirt was upset with this Joe. I guess in my absence for WAR, he left the guild for another server because the guild on my server wasn’t progressing fast enough.

It reminded me of this post by Spinks.

I myself am usually very loyal to my guilds. I help out when I can, I try to show up to events, help out the noobs, etc.etc.

In my 6 years of playing MMO’s was I ever unloyal to a guild.

Well let me tell you my guild history,  I started playing Dark Ages of Camelot in 2002,  because my Aliens vs. Predator 2 ( I LOVED that game)  clan Hell’s Elite Legions started a chapter there, they needed a cleric. I made one.  After a few months, HEL went belly up in DAOC, so a friend from the Battlegrounds, Cely said I should join her guild. Knighthood of the Red Dragon. One of thee premier guilds of Isuelt. It was a great guild and they put up with my stupid noob butt. There was some drama, someone bad got into an officer position, and started doing goofy stuff. So alot of us left, and reformed into Phoenix Ascension, led by a very charismatic leader named Bitaken.  His slogan was, “Guild, Realm, Self”  We as a guild, lived, and breathed it. I forged many friendships through that guild, that  I still mantain today.

There was once, I felt slighted, and I just upped and quit the guild. Bitaken took the time to explain it to me that it wasnt a slight against me, just a mistake by the officers, and he takes full responsibility. That impressed me, I went back into the guild, and I would follow him to the gates of hell if he asked.

Well after awhile, and Trials of Atlantis taste being bad in my mouth. 2004 came about, and I got into World of Warcraft beta. It was great. I told my guild I was going to be leaving them for this game. I was sad, but I loved WoW even back then.

World of Warcraft came, and eventually so did my guild we had some trials and tribulations on our home server Garona, but under Bitaken’s leadership we did quite well. We were a PvP centric guild. We all started Alliance, but when the BGs came out, we all made the switch to horde.  It was good times. Molten Core Raids, and Alterac Valley Routings. Then people started to get burned out. Alot of people left, including Bitaken to play DAOC again. We were leaderless, and I didn’t really know what to do. Join another guild or what?

At this time I started working for a new company, and alot of them played WoW as well. They talked me into going with them on Thunderlord a PvP server. It was a guild called Kindred Spirits.   (Yeah thats a youtube video of us)  A great guild, serious raiders, we eventually got BWL on farm, started doing AQ.  I made some serious friends there as well. Great times.

Then it happened, Burning Crusades killed the 40 man raids, people started feeling they were left out, left for other guild. Kindred Spirits was no more. Meanwhile Bitaken and crew came back to WoW. So I dusted off my Garona toons and went back.

Good times again, but we weren’t making any progression, and PvP was not what it should be with WoW. We merged with another guild. Things weren’t working there for me, and this is the only 3rd time I quit a guild.  Bitaken took more of a backseat to things, and eventually left MMOing because it was effecting his personal life. There was some drama with old school PA members and new guild members. Just alot of drama. So I walked away.

Eventually everyone did to, they formed Blight. my current guild, which I joined. I didn’t stay long. Alot of my old PA buddies went to WAR. Where I play with Einherjar. There was a time with Einherjar when I was running more with another guild called Jaded Souls. I felt bad because I didn’t run things with them as often as I should. Lost Vale at the time was is a very intense dungeon, and with a regular crew learning the strats and working on it. It was just easier. I was thinking of leaving Einherjar for Jaded, but decided to wait. I did and with the fall out of WAR, alot of the Jaded people I played with no longer play. So good thing I decided to stay. I too got burnt out on WAR.

I then went back to WoW and Blight, I noticed alot of new faces, I was going to leave Blight to join an old PA guildie, but I saw a couple old friends still play with Blight, and so decided to stay.

My whole point of this long diatribe, is it isn’t the guild tag I am loyal too. It’s the people. The people that work, and work with me to improve themselves as gamers. The leaders who invest in us, and themselves to strive.

I think that’s what wrong with MMO’s today, it’s all about the better gear,  more coin, or themeselves now.  We need to get back to the way it was, “Guild, Realm, Self”

4 Responses to “Guild Loyalty”

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with your post. Things were a lot more fun when it was about achieving things together as a team in both in pve and pvp. For a good while in Daoc, you could run around with some great crafted gear and thus there was not a overwhelmingly huge need to chase purple pixels like there is today. Relic raids and Darkness Falls clearings were done mainly for fun without any expectation of reward. Everything is different now. I miss those days too.

  2. I know what you are talking about. I’ve been so lucky to have found a guild I really like and which I’ve been a member of for 1,5 years +, the guild it’s self is 3 years old. Our current GM has been around and in charge for 2 of those years. And it’s largely due to him that we’ve been around this long.

    The guild philosophy has always been to focus on the social bit above everything else. Loot, progress, PvP, you name it. If you’re a nice guy we’ll take you in with open arms, but there is zero tolerance for any kind of bad behaviour no matter how good a player you are. And you’ll only get one warning, none if you’re on trial.

    This sort of got off topic, but I just wanted to express how a guild should be. As you say, too many have a focus the game rather than the social aspect, which in turn makes a lot of guilds fall apart.

  3. Sadly its likely those days are dead.

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